• Event Name: Silicon Valley SD Support Group in Palo Alto

  • Date: 02/02/2019

  • Cost: FREE

  • Location: 4180 Oak Hill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA
  • City: Palo Alto, California

  • Contact:

    Marcia Kemp Sterling
  • 650-494-1498

  • Silicon Valley SD Support Group Meeting February 2

    Silicon Valley SD Support Group in Palo Alto will meet on Saturday, Feb.2, 2019, 3:00 to 5:00 pm at my home at 4180 Oak Hill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA.

    We are going to have two terrific outside speakers from UCSF who will be able to update us on current treatment protocols, as well as the latest research in understanding spasmodic dysphonia.

    Sarah Schneider, Director of the UCSF Voice and Swallowing SLP team, Assistant Professor and MS, CCC-SLP, UCSF, and Vyvy Young, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology, UCSF, will be joining us for the meeting. Many of you have heard Sarah speak at various NSDA events and know that she is a well-respected, knowledgeable leader in the national community of SLPs dedicated to making a difference for patients with SD.

    We are so pleased that Dr. Vyvy Young will also be here to give us her medical perspective on the treatment of spasmodic dysphonia. Among other things, they will let you know about current studies at UCSF in use of fMRI and MEG for SD and well as introducing an upcoming UCSF study relating to the interface between tremor and SD, for which they will soon be accepting volunteer participants.

    Please RSVP: Marcia Kemp Sterling, (650) 494-1498 or email

    I look forward to seeing you there!