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Share your story about Spasmodic Dysphonia

The National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association asked its membership for stories about how spasmodic dysphonia (SD) has impacted one's life for the better, what lessons have been learned from having SD, and how has SD made one live life more boldly? 

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth J. Bachini is our winner! NPR journalist and author Diane Rehm picked Elizabeth's essay after the top 20 entries were reviewed by the ‘Share Your Story’ (SYS) Committee and narrowed down to the five. Diane said about the essay:

I chose Elizabeth Bachini's essay because I felt she gave the most articulate and powerful illustration of what it is to have one's voice, and then to lose it. She very clearly tells us of her hopes and frustrations, as well as the efforts she made to overcome her impediment. Elizabeth moved beyond identifying herself only through her voice, and began her new passion for writing and learning to help others, despite her sadness at the reality of her 'vocal imperfections.' She learned about herself through her voice, and, as a result, has become an excellent communicator.

Elizabeth was invited to attend the 2009 NSDA Symposium in Charlotte, NC, on April 4 to accept her award for this contest. We thank all who participated and voted in this contest!

Share Your Story Top 5 Winners

The poem by Linda Barnette will serve as an introduction to the booklet that will contain the top 20 entries.

Close to 80 entries were received and over 1,600 people voted to determine the top 20 entries. The committee members for this contest then narrowed it down to five people (list above). We would like to congratulate these winners:

We thank all the authors who submitted their story: