The best part of joining NSDA is the sense of belonging – being connected with people facing similar obstacles, people who truly “get it,” people we can learn from. And through joining with other SD patients we can make ourselves heard on issues like research, public awareness, and political advocacy. The NSDA is the only organization in the world dedicated solely to spasmodic dysphonia. The NSDA needs your support!

Why should I join the NSDA?

We’re sponsoring and spurring research on SD

The NSDA sponsors a research program to help bring us closer to understanding the cause of SD. This program gives scientists an incentive to devote their time and skills to general research on SD, which can lead to better treatments and ultimately a cure. And we’re working with allies to increase NIH’s and other government researchers’ focus on SD  The NSDA serves as a clearinghouse for information related to SD. Whether you need information about botulinum toxin injections, dealing with SD in the workplace, or SD coverage under disability insurance, the NSDA is a remarkable resource. We know that SD can impact various facets of life, posing what may seem like insurmountable obstacles to happiness and success. NSDA is here to help you break down these barriers and help you live life to the fullest. Join Now!

We sponsor opportunities to connect with others with SD

Who better can understand what it’s like to live with SD than another person with the disorder? NSDA provides many opportunities to connect with others – through in-person support groups, annual and regional symposiums, and a bulletin board for advice and comments.   It’s a tremendous relief and very empowering to meet someone else with SD with whom you can open up and speak freely about your situation and experiences. NSDA forums make this possible! Join Now!

The NSDA can help you speak out for spasmodic dysphonia and support others in the SD community

Would you like to start a support group? Host a fundraising event? Increase awareness about SD in your community? Participate in research? Support new patients? Visit with members of Congress to discuss the importance of increased funding for research? Do you have other ideas about how to contribute? Contact us. NSDA is here to help you get your voice out there.  Join Now!

The NSDA is telling the world about SD

Years ago, it often took 5, 10 or even 20 years to get a diagnosis for SD. Today, thanks to public and physician awareness, patients are diagnosed in one or two office visits and treatments can begin right away. Spear-headed in 1989 by a group of dedicated individuals in Birmingham, Michigan, NSDA has grown to become an international presence with thousands of contacts all over the globe. NSDA has put SD on the map.  Join Now!

Please add your voice to the SD family and join NSDA today!