The National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association is strongly committed to understanding the science of SD and supporting research. Better treatment and ultimately a cure has always been a primary goal of the organization.

This research program is led by the Scientific Advisory Board which is comprised of pre-eminent researchers and clinicians from various scientific disciplines. This Board is charged with reviewing research applications and making recommendations for funding, and also advising on the state of research in the medical community including setting directions to be pursued, and stimulating interest in SD research.

Current areas of research include endogenous and environmental risk factors, pathophysiology of central nervous system dysfunction in SD, animal models, novel treatment approaches, and diagnostic tools for SD. These areas of priority were identified during a workshop at the National Institutes of Health in June, 2005.

Grants are available for new investigator start-up grants or post-doctoral study on research aimed at increasing the understanding of SD. These can be for startup grants enabling successful applicants to subsequently seek funding from the National Institutes of Health or may provide partial support for post doctoral research training relating to SD.