Support Groups

To locate a Support Group or an NSDA Contact Person in your area, click on your state or province, and you will be taken to the names and contact details for the group(s) and NSDA volunteers in your area.

Finding support can play a key role in understanding and learning to live with spasmodic dysphonia. Support groups are a great resource for this and can provide a comfortable environment for both you and your family members to learn more about SD.

Sometimes the closest support group may be located in a neighboring state. If there is no support group nearby, also listed are NSDA Area Contact Persons. These people have volunteered to share their experiences and support others with spasmodic dysphonia. You could also consider forming a support group. The NSDA provides materials and support for new leaders.

In addition to the groups in North America, the NSDA also maintains a list of International groups. To locate a group, choose the International field and you will be taken to the contact information for all our international groups excluding Canada and the United States.